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– An Introduction to Safeguarding Children and young people
– An Introduction to Safeguarding Adults at Risk
– Safeguarding Children and young people for the named/designated person
– Safeguarding Adults at Risk for the named/designated person
– Train the Trainers – in Safeguarding
– Safeguarding Supervision Skills
– Safeguarding Children and Parenting Capacity
– An Introduction to Domestic Abuse/Violence
– Safeguarding Children and Domestic Abuse/Violence
– Safeguarding Children and Parental Substance Mis-Use
– Safeguarding Children and Parental Mental Health Issues
– Safeguarding Children and Parental Learning Disability
– Promoting Resilience in vulnerable children
– Safeguarding Assessment Skills
– Working with Self Harming behaviour
– Child Sexual Exploitation
– Safeguarding Young People and Sexual Health
– Children and young people who display sexually harmful behaviours
– Sex and Sexuality awareness
– Working with Diversity and Cultural Differences
– Forced Marriage, Honour Based Abuse, Female Genital Mutilation
– Technologies, E Safety
– Child Development and attachment
– Loss and Bereavement
– Sexual Abuse: Perpetrators and Victims
– Working with the sexually abused child
– Understanding and responding to Neglect
– Engaging children and families
– Working with Resistance and disguised compliance Supporting
– Transition – Child to Adult Services
– Maximising Outcomes for the Looked After Child
– An introduction to safeguarding Legislation and National Guidance – (Child or Adult)
– Recording Skills and report writing
– Safeguarding Disabled Children
– Autism Awareness and Aspergers Syndrome
– Behaviour awareness, de-escalation and Behaviour Ownership
– Communication and Body language
– Leadership and Team Management
– Social Care Support Staff Key Skill and Knowledge
– Introduction to Residential Child care and Key-working

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